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Hurghada Grand Aquarium

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Hurghada Grand Aquarium Trip

The 1 million US gallons of water Hurghada Grand Aquarium tank,  is the home to hundreds of aquatic animals, including  sharks and rays.

If you’re feeling adventurous you can add a shark dive to your program. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity will bring you within inches of a large variety of sharks and rays.

Some of the most important exhibitions and areas in Hurghada Grand Aquarium Trip :

Rain forest

Rain forest can be described as a tall, dense jungle. The reason it is called a “rain” forest is because of the high amount of rainfall it gets per year.
The climate of a rain forest is very hot and humid so the animals and plants that exist there must learn to adapt to this climate.

Fossils museum

Hurghada Grand aquarium hosts an amazing collection of fossils coming from the valley of the whales Paleontological site in Fayum city in Egypt one of UNESCO’s world heritage sites, some of the fossils are millions of years old.

It contains Basilosaurus the extinct whale fossil that will make you get astonished of the amazing view of that extinct magnificent creatures from millions of years ago.

Mini Zoo

The Hurghada grand aquarium is the home of many different animals and birds and reptiles, like monkeys , flamingo, eagles,falcons, crocodiles and much more.

Aquarium Tunnel

The Hurghada Grand Aquarium and Underwater Zoo recreate the fascinating marine environment in near-perfect detail and gives you the opportunity to walk right through it.

Watch divers feed the sharks and rays and meet an aquarium educator who will share secrets of these amazing underwater animals with you.

Marine Aquarium

A marine aquarium is an aquarium that keeps marine plants and animals in a contained environment. Marine aquaria are further subdivided by hobbyists into fish only (FO), fish only with live rock (FOWLR), and reef aquaria.

Fish only tanks often showcase large or aggressive marine fish species and generally rely on mechanical and chemical filtration. FOWLR and reef tanks use live rock, a material composed of coral skeletons harboring beneficial nitrogen waste metabolizing bacteria, as a means of more natural biological filtration. A stable marine aquarium requires more equipment than freshwater systems, and generally requires more stringent water quality monitoring.

The inhabitants of a marine aquarium are often difficult to acquire and are usually more expensive than freshwater aquarium inhabitants. However, the inhabitants of saltwater aquariums are usually much more spectacular than freshwater aquarium fish.

Note: Hurghada Grand aquarium hosts two shows per day for the diver feeding fishes you can enjoy this shows two times per day at 11:00 am and 3:00 pm.

Hurghada Grand Aquarium Excursion includes:

Entrance tickets and visit for all exhibitions.
Taxes charges and fees.
Free Cancellation up to 24 hours in advance to get full refund.

Hurghada Grand Aquarium Excursion does not include:

Pick-up / Drop-off by air conditioned bus to your accommodation in Hurghada (Extra fees will be applied)

Lunch and beverages are not included.


Kids till 4 years are free, kids from 4 years to 10 years will be priced for kids price ( 50% from adults price).

Adult Price : 24.7 $, kids 12.35 $

(Egyptian Residence Only) “Residents please click Here to book your Trip” .

For more info or reservation by phone call us on: +2-01155592056 / +2-01558770913.

We receive calls from 10:00 am to 22:00 pm GMT+2 (only English language supported).


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  • For more info or reservation by phone call us on: +2-01155592056 / +2-01020811625.
  • We receive calls from 10:00 am to 22:00 pm GMT+2 (only English language supported).


Tour program

Join us to Hurghada grand aquarium trip and discover more about the marine life in Red Sea, you will find amazing marine creatures the like sharks, manta and sting rays, turtles, etc..
Hurghada grand aquarium also hosts fishes feeding show two times per day the first show at 11:00 am and the second show at 3:00 pm.

For tour program details please read the overview section.


  • Visit for all exhibitions and tanks.
  • Feeding Show 2 times per day
  • the tour doesn't include any beverages or food.
  • Transfers is for extra fee.

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from $29,00 $24,65
  • Trnsfers from/to your hotel in Hurghada($4,00)

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